John Peter Jones


Brigham Young University, Animation Program, 2009-Present
Utah Valley University, 2006-2008
High School Diploma, Springville High School — Springville, Utah 2004

Center For Animation Production, “Dreamgiver” (Student Emmy Award Winning) — Provo, Utah
2D Animation Lead, June 2010- January 2011
·         Set goals with team members
·         Balanced reasonable work loads for team members to meet the production schedule
·         Put in long hours to help finish important sequences on time
·         Helped correct and critique work to match production quality and continuity
·         Experience of being a part of a Student Emmy Award Winning film         

Center For Animation Production, “Dreamgiver” (Student Emmy Award Winning) — Provo, Utah
Storyboard Artist, June 2010- January 2011
·         Developed visual presentation of Director’s vision by exploring creative solutions. Constantly revised and revisited ideas as story began to emerge visually.
·         Honed Flash skills.

Center For Animation Production, “Dreamgiver” (Student Emmy Award Winning) — Provo, Utah
Character Designer, September 2010- January 2011
·         Worked with the Director to create a memorable and original Monster that would fulfill all the needs of the story.
·         Created turn around and  model sheet

Center For Animation Production, “Estefan” — Provo, Utah
Storyboard Artist, December 2010- January 2011
·         Served on story team and developed storyboards

Center For Animation Production, “Estefan” — Provo, Utah
Head of Layout, January 2011 - current
·         Assigned the task of leading a team of talented students to layout scenes in Maya.
·         Collaborated with multiple leads (from modeling, riging, hair and effects, shading, and story) to lay a solid foundation for the film.

Brand New Games — Springville, Utah
Box Art Illustrator, February 2009
·         Developed character for a board game using Corel Painter.

Red Head Film Project — Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
2D Rough Animation and Cleanup Artist, 2008-2009
·         Visual development of story through conceptual rough animation
·         Rough animated three scenes, and did cleanup work on three scenes.

Jack Knife by Virginia Baker — Springville, Utah
Video Book Preview Designer and Compositor,
·         Composed original music, composited images and text into a web-based marketing campaign for a novel.  


Spanish Fork High School Student Film Festival, Spanish Fork, Utah
Best Drama “The Vampire of Evergreen Cemetery” Director, Producer, Storyboard Artist
·         Adapted a short story for a student film project